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Azienda Agricola Dorilli.

The Kamarino is produced by the Azienda Agricola Dorilli, owned by SIS, and represents the last piece of the company in the integrated supply chain: from the protection of the soil and the substrata passing on to the production of the young plants (www.centroseia.it) to the production of the tomato the chain is completed, a one off in Italy and Europe. The company is led by Guido Grasso, following ethical values and the mission of the company, always pledged in a modern and sustainable agriculture in Sicily and in the research and recovery of “lost essences” of the land. Kamarino represents the excellence of the farm’s production which is characterised by its immediate recognisability as well as the unique distinctive taste. Today, a cherry tomato is proposed, ideal as a snack and for children, as well as, a salad all-rounder of an intense red. Thanks to a passionate and constant commitment of production and distribution of the company, the Kamarino tomatoes are today immediately recognisable by the consumers in Germany and England.


The production.

The company extends for 9 hectares in the territory of Ragusa, the greenhouses equipped with modern technologies, guarantee the organoleptic characteristics of the tomato for the whole period of the production from October to June. Thanks to technology, the natural effect of the light and heat is amplified. Furthermore, techniques of integrated defence are used. Integrated defence is a modern system of parasite control in plants that allows the combined use of natural predators and therefore reduces the chemical treatment to areas where a balance between useful insects and harmful insects is missing. This guarantees that Kamarino never contains chemical residues making it thus highly sustainable. The company uses 98% local manpower and guarantees elevated standards of general working conditions. That is why Kamarino is ethical.

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