• kamarino
    Kamarino is tastier
    Pleasantly sweet and sapid.
  • kamarino
    Kamarino is more ethical
    Makes sustainable agriculture grow
  • kamarino
    Kamarino is Sicily
    Lively taste, intense and continuous


It is good even in winter

Uses innovative technologies that guarantee an excellent production for 10 months a year.

It is sustainable

It defends itself without the use of insecticides therefore contributing to the agricultural growth of the territory and the people who live there.

Produced respecting the environment

It is LEAF Marque certified and is boxed in cardboard packaging to reduce environmental impact.

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Produced with ethical work respect

Only highly skilled and ethically paid manpower.

Only grows in the Dorilli company

Produced by Guido Grasso, in the territory of Ragusa.

It is the result of great passion and of the experience of only Sicilian hands

It is 100% Sicilian: from farmers that hand-down, from generation to generation, a millennial knowledge to expert technicians.

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How is Kamarino produced?

Kamarino is cultivated with innovative technologies which render it available on the market from October to July. Thanks to the controlled climate in the greenhouses, the plant and the fruit mature in the best conditions possible. The result is a tomato with a unique taste for the whole period of production. The Kamarino, indeed, remains always sweet and crisp, never watery and preserves an excellent balance between acidity and sugars.

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News concerning Kamarino

Pesticides are substances used in agriculture to attack harmful organisms in cultivations and help the plant grow strong and healthy. For this reason, they are called phytopharmaceuticals! There are pesticides with a chemical synthesis and others which have a natural origin, whether vegetable animal or mineral. Today, after years of research on the techniques of defence, Dorilli produces a tomato without the use of pesticides of chemical synthesis. To destroy the parasites on our plants, we simply use useful insects and natural phytopharmaceuticals! In this way, the Kamarino tomatoes do not under go any chemical treatment!