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The cherry tomato.

The pride of the Dorilli production, is the Kamarino cherry tomato, with a lively flavour, intense and continuous which withholds the taste of tradition.
It is a tomato with a unique flavour. For the whole year the production always remains sweet and crisp, never watery and preserves an excellent balance between acidity and sugars.
It is perfect to be consumed fresh and for daily use.
It is sold in different packaging, the traditional punnets of 250g-300g and an innovative 190g snack pack ready to be consumed immediately.


The red salad tomato.

“For years I have had requests for a sweet and crisp tomato for ‘once upon a time’ salads”. (Guido Grasso)

The Kamarino tomato for salads, is an exclusive variety for our clients within a project of development for different types of tomatoes. It concerns a sweet tomato where the crispiness and the persistent aromas stand out. It is sold in packages of 400g and offers a selection of tomatoes ideal to be consumed fresh.